Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

I know I know, I’ve been away a while.. but uni has been throwing things at me – left, right and centre! I finally changed my degree from anatomy to neuroscience and chose my 2nd-year modules, exams are creeping around the corner, so I have delved deep into all my lectures and notes! I am trying to power through and keep my mind grounded, the worst thing to do is get all worked up and panic and end up doing nothing productive.

I find keeping checklists help, I feel like I know what I’m doing and there is no way I could forget what I am supposed to do if I keep a to-do list. So far on my checklist is to:

  • Post this blog post
  • Post a vlog this week
  • Complete all the workshops this week!
  • Finish Lecture 7 and 8 of genetics today.
  • Complete workshop 1 and 2 today.

I kick-started my youtube channel again!!

Finally, after postponing it for so long, so if you have checked it out click here! I’ll mostly be vlogging and every now and then adding the beauty/fashion video..

So I’ve been really like greys and stripes recently, so here’s a quick outfit of the day…

Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Bershka


The top is a quite long and long sleeve, I think it’s really cute and I’ve been eyeing this jacket for so long, I couldn’t leave it alone any longer – I just had to have it!

I did pair these with ankle boots and skinny jeans and I kept the accessories simple. For layering, I added a plain, blanket grey scarf on top, which was also purchased from Zara.

Just a quick check in!

Please do check out my Youtube channel, I’m gonna mostly be active on there!

Speak to you soon,

Love, Nisha x

When I was younger I wanted to be a scientist, little did I know the amount of time and effort it would take. Growing up my career choices changed (frequently).. it went from a 9-5 office worker to a doctor, housewife, to a journalist to even considering a career in acting. I didn’t know and I still don’t know what I want to do. 

Th problem with me is that I don’t want a job, I want a career. Money has never been my motive, I just want to wake up every day and look forward to work in an environment where I’m happy. I wish money was my motive but it’s not, I’d rather have a job that paid me little money than have a job I hated but paid a lot of money.

All I know is that I like writing, hence why I have this blog, it’s sort of my outlet to write. I’ve tried journaling but it’s not really natural to me because when I think of journaling I think of pouring my personal feelings on to a page, which I don’t want to do. I don’t want to remember yesterday’s monotone feelings. I want to hold on to the moments of happiness and remember the “I fucking hate my life” moments.

The “I fucking hate my life’ moments are important because they are the pivotal points in life. Those moments force you to grow and persevere. So don’t neglect the “I hate my fucking life” moments – they’re important (they are probably the moments you want to write about).

It’s 2am and honestly, I just want to sleep and think about how to pass my first-year exams before I can even think about what career I want.

If you know any companies, jobs, careers, internships or anything to do with science and writing let me know in the comments below – would be a massive help!!

Lots of Love

Nisha x

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

Let’s make it clear this is not a click-bait post.

This is me writing about what people fail to see or do in relationships. I’m not a relationship expert but I think I’ve been in one long enough to know why my relationship works. See how I used the word “work” and not “perfect”, because relationships take work, time and effort, so if you’re not ready to not do any one of these three, don’t put yourself in a relationship because you’re only gonna be left heartbroken.

So here are a few points to know before committing yourself to someone.

1. No one can make yourself happy but you.

If you are not happy as a person, best believe your partner will not make you feel that way. You and your partner are two completely individual people, with individual lives and have some similarities and a lot of differences.

So if you enter a relationship with an empty cup thinking your partner will fill it with happiness, joy and love, you’re wrong. You are SHARING your happiness, your love and your joy with your partner, you can’t enter a relationship seeking happiness, joy and love from them because that ends up as a toxic relationship and by the end of it you’ll feel lost, alone and dependent.

2. You have to compromise.

Like I mentioned before, you and your partner are two completely different people with your own lives. Think of a relationship as a Venn diagram.

You may love to stay home, read and have very few friends, whereas your partner may be a social butterfly, loves going out and has multiple groups of friends. (This is my relationship).

So, what I and Joe (my boyfriend) do is a compromise. (that’s the middle of the venn diagram) I’ll go out and hang out with him and his friends and he’ll hang out with my friends, but once or twice a week, we’ll go out, just ourselves, to either lunch or for a coffee or we’ll just stay home and watch Netflix. Here, not only is Joe able to be social but I get to spend time with him and at the same time not only am I able to be home but I’ll also be able to spend time with Joe.

If he goes out to see his friends and I’m not there, Joe will either be on the phone to me before he goes to his friend’s house or makes some time to have a phone call with me when he is at his friend’s house.

By doing all of this we’re making time for each other, we’re communicating well and we are both happy.

Respect your partner, don’t try and dominate them. If you don’t respect them for who they are they’ll know and they’ll want to end the relationship, knowing they can find someone better and understands them.

Help your partner grow into someone better, not into someone else. So, respect their career choice, accept their body, and most of all accept them when they say no.

3. Argue but argue efficiently.

What I mean by arguing efficiently is, argue but argue to find a solution and argue knowing you’ll eventually forgive.

Do not bring up past problems. Do not create arguments based on your own insecurities and definitely do not argue with an ego – admit that you’re wrong if you know you’re in the wrong.

Always apologise to each other and mention why you’re apologising, don’t apologise for the sake of apologising because then it’s meaningless and you’ve learnt nothing from arguing.

4. Breaks.

If you go on a break during an argument, it will not help. You are only avoiding the problem and not solving it. It’s a little bit like pushing dust under the rug, in hopes the problem will solve it’s self when really it won’t. So again, argue but argue efficiently.

5. Trust and reassurance are key.

Trust your partner to be faithful, okay yeah sure, checking their phone randomly every now and then is not the best thing to do but I can understand why you would want to do that. If you don’t trust them, tell your partner and let them explain themselves and you never know, maybe you’re thoughts just got the better of you.

However, if you have trouble with your partner trusting you, reassure them, show them actual evidence that there is nothing to worry about, however, if you have made a mistake or got caught in wrong limelight in the past have some patience and keep reassuring your partner and show them, not by words but with your actions, that you are faithful and committed.

6. Sex doesn’t solve everything

I hope you found this to be helpful,

Lots of Love

Nisha x

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

So last week I got a tattoo! After years of contemplating what I want and where I want it, I finally decided and got it done! So I thought I’d talk about the inspiration, the artist and the level pain.

I got a text tattoo on my forearm, I’m not going to insert a picture purely because I want to preserve the originality of my tattoo.

My Inspiration:

I would recommend looking at Pinterest because it’s a brilliant place to gain inspiration and ideas for tattoos, these are some of the pictures I gained inspiration from. I used Dafont.com and browsed a variety of different types of fonts typing in what I wanted as my tattoo. I also browsed through Instagrams of different tattoo artists to see if I liked anything, but if you are going to do this, on the behalf of the artists, please don’t copy their work. I never understood why this was a problem before but since I’ve had my own tattoo, thinking about it, I would be annoyed if someone duplicated my tattoo.

My tattoo was inspired from a poem by Shel Silverstein called “listen to the must nts”. 

Here are these photos I used for inspiration …



The Artist:

The place I went to was called One By One in Soho, London. My tattoo was done artist by a guy called Miles. His Instagram

I specifically went to him because I really liked his work when it came to fine line tattoos, he used my photos and designed my tattoo. He was patient and is someone I would definitely recommend going to if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time.

Pain: 2/5.

As it was my first tattoo I couldn’t really compare… but I honestly have such little tolerance for pain so if you really can’t stand it, maximum 2.5 (I just didn’t look when I was getting tattooed).


  1. Stay hydrated (the more hydrated you are, the less it will hurt)
  2. Have a good breakfast
  3. Do not drink alcohol a few days before you’re getting tattooed.
  4. Take someone with you. I held (more like squeezing the life out) my boyfriend’s hand.
  5. If you’re not 100% with the design don’t do it.
  6. I used E45 (moisturising one) instead of Bephanthen cream for aftercare.
  7. Do not shave the area, the artist will do this for you.
  8. Keep the clingfilm on for 3-4 days depends on how big the tattoo is.
  10. Don’t look at the needle if you’re scared.

Hope you found this to be helpful!

Good luck if you’re planning to get a tattoo!

Nisha x

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

I think I’m overcoming this writer’s block and the flow of blogging is coming back to me, haha, so here a few things I do in the morning when I’m feeling down.

1. Drink water! (a lot of it)

Did you know dehydration can make you sleepy? Yes, not drinking enough water may be the reason why you’re yawning or sleepy in the mornings so I would definitely recommend drinking water before anything and lots of it.

I try and stick to drinking a pint of water with a slice of lemon every morning, this will help detox your body and since I’ve been doing this I’ve noticed problems with spots and pimples got a lot less problematic.

2. Apply hair oil and a face mask!

If I’m not feeling great on the inside I try my best to look good on the out because it makes me feel like I’m detoxing all of last night’s energy from today.  I tend to leave the face mask and hair oil on for a minimum of half an hour. The face mask I use is from Body Shop, (I did a review click here to read) and I apply almond oil in my hair, every now and then I do use coconut oil.

3. Listen to a mixtape!

The type of music I listen to in the morning determines my attitude in the morning.
I use Spotify to listen to mixtapes because if I find it refreshing to listen to someone else’s than my own. Here is a couple I like on Spotify…

Ro & Mui  Mixtape (I’ve been listening to this a lot).

TheAMwithAmy Mixtape

4. Shower

Wash away yesterday’s negative energy because today is a brand new day with new opportunities that need to be fulfilled.

5. Have breakfast

6. Positive Thoughts

Have a pep talk with yourself. I like to look in the mirror and tell myself:

“Nisha you got this – smile”

Whatever happened yesterday doesn’t mean today will be a repeat, no day is the same and you always have to remind your self that you’re better than yesterday, you’re strong and beautiful even when no else will and ignore the people that make you feel less than this.

If no one has told you today…

 “You’re strong and beautiful and you’re gonna do great”

I hope you have a lovely day,

Lots of love,
Nisha x