Travel Accessories everyone needs!

Hey Everyone, Hope you're all well, Packing for summer isn't about clothes anymore, these days it's all about the details. So, whether you're travelling alone across Europe or to Ibiza with friends, allow me to introduce to you a compendium of 12 chic travel accessories every bad and boujee traveller needs. 1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones Nothing ruins a plane a rider…

Remember me?

Hey everyone,  Hope you've all been well,  I thought I would get myself back into the flow of blogging my catching up with you guys ... so enjoy me ramble about my first year at uni, stress, gaining weight and anything and everything that pops into my head.  1. My experience as a first year, dealing with stress and gaining weight ...  It feels good to be done with exams and my first year at kings college ... CYO (common year one) you shall not be missed, you've been a misery to deal with.