How I Take & Edit my photos for Instagram!

Hey Everyone,

If you don’t already know I have an Instagram – @omfgnish but I don’t post often, only because I don’t like to spam and I don’t take pictures often. However, I’ll share some of my tips and tricks when I do take an Insta-worthy photo and I hope you find this to be helpful and try incorporating these ideas next time you want an Insta-worthy picture!

Taking the Photo …

1. The Selfie

The most taken with or without a filter, however, whenever I want a nice selfie for the Gram, I always use my Canon G7x mark ii. I really like this camera, it’s small, compact and has a selfie screen which is uber important (obviously), however, any camera with a selfie screen will do.

When I take my selfie, I always take it in the bathroom because that’s the room in my house that is well lit with natural light and I like the marble title background. I take it afar, at an angle, not to high up otherwise it will seem like you have a huge head and small upper lip – not natural. So I keep my camera at a distance but at a neutral level like so …

IMG_1801 2.jpg

Screenshot 2018-07-30 22.23.09.png

2. Body Picture …

The one that everyone dreads…

My tips are …

  1. Suck in the belly
  2. One foot in front of the other
  3. Relax the shoulders
  4. Open up your chest
  5. Smile with your eyes
  6. Slightly tilt your shoulder to one side for more dimension
  7. Relax



For full body pictures always have some background element! It just pulls everything together better.

The Element of editing …

Believe it or not, apart from the editing settings on Instagram, I only use two apps to edit my photos.

1. Snapseed

I like snapseed because it has a healing tool, which I use to create that flawless skin for my selfies because my skin is actually awful in real life. So don’t be deceived, social media is there to portray the best version of ourselves – nothing is real.

I can also mirror my images, straighten them and with this app alone, I can create such beautiful, natural airbrushed photos. I use this app mainly for my selfies.

2. Lightroom CC

I don’t pay for this, however, I use the free features, especially the creative options, so sometimes I’ll add a very light grain to my photos or using the feature “Presets”, I’ll add filters on my images, which I personally think are a lot better than the Instagram filters. There are so many options you can play around with to create the ultimate perfect picture.

I hope you found this to be helpful,

Nisha x

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