What’s in my Gym Bag, My Personalised Workouts & Tips for Gym Anxiety! (Beginners edition!)

Can it rain just once, I can’t deal with the heat! – The British aren’t built for this!

So as you read above, today’s post is gonna be a mini plan for all the newbie gym starters, it’s gonna simple and straightforward and easy to follow routine on how to lose fat/weight in a sustainable way.

What Do I Take To The Gym?

Firstly, I don’t have a fancy gym branded clothing. I wear my old baggy tops, sometimes (well most of the time) my brother’s t-shirts, old leggings and my NMD’s.

Equipment …  

I do carry quite a bit but what you’ll find in my gym bag are the following:

  1. Ankle Weights (0.5kg-1.25kg)
  2. Resistant Bands (Light and Medium Strength)
  3. 1L water bottle (the more water the better)
  4. Protein Bar (Post workout snack)
  5. Towel
  6. Hair bands
  7. Wireless Headphones

I do use the free weights at the gym, it’s just my gym doesn’t have resistant bands or ankle weights, so I take them with me, especially if I’m training legs and my glutes (bum).

My Workouts

Each day is different for me, my workout depends on my mood, for instance, I sometimes go swimming on the hot days, others I will head to the gym, depends on what time I go (morning or evening) or if I’m being lazy.

Every Workout Counts!

Each Workout differs, add as much weight or take off, do more reps or less – just make sure your form is right and you’re not straining yourself.

Before working out – always stretch! 

Legs & Glutes!

Activation Exercises (No extra weight, just our own body weight)

  • Side balance leg raises x 15
  • Fire Hydrants x 12-15
  • Kickbacks x 12-15
  • Glute Bridges x 15-20
  • Lying Side Clam x 10-15

Workout Exercises (3 sets) 

  • Walking Lunges x 20 (with weights)
  • Elevated Glute Bridges x 20 (with weights)
  • Goblet Squats x 15
  • Glute Kickbacks x 25 (with ankle weights x 15)
  • Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 (each side)
  • Squats with resistance band x 15

Core (3-4 sets)

  • Sit-ups x 15
  • Toe Touches x 20-30
  • Bicycle Abs x 10-15
  • Leg Lifts x 10-15
  • Elevate Glute Bridges x 20 (with weight)
  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • 1 min plank

Back & Shoulders, Triceps & Biceps (3-4 sets)

  • Lat pulldowns x 15
  • Seated Rows x 15
  • DB Regrade Rows x 10 (each side)
  • Front DB Raises x 10-15 (each side)
  • DB Front Over Row x 10-12
  • Tricep Dips x 15
  • Push Ups x 10-15
  • 1 min plank

Before these workouts, I run on the treadmill for about 20-40 mins, swim for an hour as my cardio.. again depends on my mood.



Tips for overcoming Gym Anxiety!

  1. Focus on yourself and only yourself
  2. Everyone is too busy with their own workout to notice you
  3. Everyone starts somewhere and starting is just the beginning
  4. If people are looking at you it’s either because they’re zoned out, trying to learn a new exercise or not working hard enough (so they don’t concern you)
  5. Do not compare yourself. Motivate yourself.
  6. Smile, don’t look so scared.
  7. Follow the routine you planned.
  8. For results, you MUST step out of your comfort zone!
  9. Start off small and grow each time. – add an extra weight, new exercise, move to a new machine in the gym.
  10. People at the gym are there to work out, not judge other people at the gym.

Twice The Guts – Double The Glory! 

I hope you found this to be helpful,

If you have any more questions then feel free to pop an email or leave a comment!

Good Luck

Until next time,

Nisha x

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