REVIEW | At-Home-Facial-Steamer

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Hope you’re all well!

As you know, I have suffered from the problematic skin for years, and I have tried a variety of face masks and detox teas and to help improve the appearance of my skin.

So today I stepped up my skin care to a new level and purchased an at-home facial steamer off that had fairly good reviews!

I’ve always wanted to purchase one of these, and I know steaming is a crucial role in many spa facials, so I thought why not try it out at home because there are a lot of benefits to steaming your face!

Benefits of steaming!

  • Opens up your pores!

    So if you have dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, sebum, steam can really open up your pores and those nasty things can be removed!

  • Makes your face mask more effective. 

    So if you’re applying a mask to really remove all the dirt out of your skin, it can really help the process if you steam beforehand.

  • Benefits all skin types!

    However, I don’t recommend steaming every day! Just maybe once or twice a week.

Product Description

I purchased mine off for £25, which is fairly decently priced.

Doesn’t need batteries! 
Keep your face 15-20cm away while steaming! 
This is where the water goes! (90ml container) Cold water or distilled water. 
Look at the pretty rose design! (loveeeeee!) 

The Verdict

My skin feels so clean and so soft! I also noticed my pores were smaller and felt like the face mask I applied after did a better job. Overall, feels so refreshing and would totally recommend this if you’re looking to buy a facial steamer!

I hope you found this to be helpful!

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Nisha x