50 Life Saving Tips For First Years At King’s College London

Starting your first year at university can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the city. So here are 50 tips to keep in mind when starting your first year at Kings College. However, these tips can be applied not only at Kings College but any university! Don’t worry there is so much more to enjoy than to fear.

1. Visit the campus before enrolling

2. Jump on Facebook and join a bunch of freshers groups!



Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join societies, meet new people and get a bunch of freebies!

4. Sort your accommodation out ASAP. Whether it’s private or dorms, don’t wait till last minute.

5. Don’t bring too much stuff. You will regret it when it comes to the end of the year.

6. Talk to as many people as you can.

7. Be yourself

There is no point in being fake because you can’t keep that persona for the whole year.

8. Smile and don’t be conservative

9. Don’t be afraid to say hello first

Chances are the students around you are feeling just as nervous and want to make friends.


10. Apply to be a student ambassador

It’s is a great part-time job to have during your time at the university, choose when you want to work and get to know your campus by showing round students and their parents.

11. Invent in a lightweight laptop

It’s so much more practical and more comfortable to carry around.

12. Have an academic diary

Write down all your due dates for assignments because at Kings College they don’t give out reminders when assignments are due.

13. Be prepared to have amazing lecturers and not-so-amazing lecturers.

There will always be that one lecturer that reads off the board or just doesn’t make sense however many times you rewind and rewatch the lecture on lecture-capture!

14. Don’t neglect the extra reading material

They help you understand your lecture better and the topic of the subject.

15. The closer the house to the uni the higher the rent

16. Join a gym


It’s important to keep active and to release stress.

17. Put money aside for textbook. They cost a lot …

18. Get a student account and only use student overdraft if an emergency.

19. Be responsible with money

20. Invest in a travel card; it’s so much cheaper when you have a student oyster.

21. Register with campus GP surgery

22. Get enough sleep


23. Can’t find a society you wish existed? Create one!

24. Get an NUS card and sign up for UNIDAYS.

25. Actually, do some work…


26. Bursary. Find out if you are entitled.

27. Always carry your student ID card around campus.

28. Keep in touch with your friends at home and especially during the holidays.


29. Keep on top of your work; it’s so easy to let it pile up.

The modules of your course are synoptic, so keeping on top of lectures will help you understand future lectures of different modules and practicals (if you’re doing a science degree).

30. Regularly check emails to see whats happening around campus.

31. Use the library because it’s open 24/7 365 a year

32. A dirty house will only annoy everyone living there.


33. Invest in a laundry basket and extension plugs.

34. Make your lunch rather than buying it. Will save you a fortune.

35. Wikipedia unfortunately not a reliable source. So don’t use the website as a reference!

36. Use “Neil’s toolbox” to help you write your references for your assignments.

37. Keep a back up £20 note wedged in the back of your phone case. You never know when you might need it.

38. Walk around London and get to see the city.

There are many free galleries, parks and museums to check out.


39. Once a month online shop. It’s Useful if you don’t have a car.

40. If you have an active sex life, visit a health clinic to get yourself checked out and always use protection!

41. Get a part-time job.

42. Stock up on food and water but don’t go crazy! One box of everything is enough.

43. Don’t leave your chargers lying around for someone to steal.

45. Don’t rely on Ubers! Walking and using public transport will save you money.

46. You’re not going to hang out with the first person you meet, forever! So, be open to everyone, even if they’re on a different course.

47. Make friends with people on your course!

48. Back up your work on either Dropbox or an external hard drive!

49. Keep reminders of when your library books are due to avoid racking up massive library fines!

50. It goes by fast so make the most of it!