ANTI HAUL// Wasteful Trends I Can’t Stand

Today’s post is different from what I usually do; this is going to be an anti-haul about trends, companies and marketing schemes that have come into the social media spotlight that makes me say; “really, are you serious?”.

1. Glitter Masks

As insta-worthy the picture of you having a glitter mask on, the purpose of the face mask is to remove toxins from your skin. However, when you’re using a glitter face mask, you’re putting plastic on your face, because the glitter is plastic, so your technically adding toxins to your face.

However, there was a lot of controversy around the topic, and it’s concluded that these glitter masks aren’t harmful. Although, glitter is technically not approved by the FDA.

But is it worth it? You can decide for yourself.

if only my skin was this flawless *sighh*

2. Single-use make-up wipes to remove makeup.

I know technically this is not a trend … hear me out.

Remember the days when we used a hot face cloth and a cleanser to remove our makeup? Yeah, those days are long gone thanks to all the YouTubers and Instagrammers that are now posting insta-stories and Ads about how amazing it is to use “branded” makeup wipes and how good they are. You’re chatting the most sh*t.

I wouldn’t recommend using makeup wipes for the following reasons:

1. Using makeup wipes disrupts the pH of your skin
2. Makeup wipes don’t clean your skin. Mostly, they smear around whatever makeup, dirt, and dead skin is hanging out on your face,
3. They dry out your skin
4. Using them regularly increases the risk of developing inflammation on your skin
5. They are extortionate in price

3. Vintage Trend

The word “Vintage” and “Distressed”, means that these clothes or items held through the family kept its quality throughout its time of being used over and over. This trend has been going around for a while now. I love to have an old staple in my wardrobe now and then. However, whenever companies or brands come out with a new product that will fall apart after a couple of uses because it is of terrible quality, made in sweatshops by people in third world countries, who have been paid pitiful wages for their work. I can’t stand when brands and companies slap the word “vintage”, along with an extortionate price tag to cover up the reality of the products are being manufactured poorly.

What you can do instead is recycle clothes or items you already have and create a vintage piece by changing it looks instead of wasting your money.

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time,

Love Nisha x