Tips on how to study efficiently (exam season edition)

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d share some tips for all those with upcoming exams!

Good Luck!

  1. Don’t stay up all night studying. Have a good night’s sleep and study during the day.
  2. Watch the lecture and make notes.
  3. Write down all the lecture notes.
  4. Filter through the notes, cutting out repeated sentences and condense paragraphs.
  5. Highlight keywords.
  6. Stick to no more than 2 to 3 colours per page. (otherwise, it will be a distraction).
  7. Use the App “Forest” to study in chunks of 20-30 minutes with no distractions. Then take a 5-7 minutes break, then again, do a 20-30 study session.
  8. Delete any social media apps.
  9. Put your phone on night mode so any emails or notification that pop on you’re phone screen will not distract you.
  10. Have a group chat to send questions to your friends asking for help.
  11. Skype sessions are useful too! I skyped my friend a day before my exam just to go over any last minute questions or topics, found this to be super helpful!
  12. Have a positive mindset, always be kind to yourself. “I can do this”, “I will pass”, “I will finish uni, uni will not finish me”.
  13. Stay away from people that say “I have don’t know anything”, “I give up”, “I didn’t revise” because 9/10 they’re chatting shit and if they are not then you don’t need that negative energy.
  14. It’s hard to study on a sunny day, so close the curtains.
  15. Keep the window open. Fresh air is important.
  16. Scream when you’re stressed out.
  17. Have the mental breakdown, pick yourself up and carry on.
  18. Don’t try and learn new things the night before an exam, go over what you know. It’s best to know 50% of the information confidently, then know 70% vaguely.
  19.  Block your ex. He/She doesn’t need to exist right now.
  20. Calculate how many lectures there are and divide it by how many days you have left to get an idea how many lectures you should be getting through per day.
  21. Some days will be productive, others won’t be and that’s fine don’t stress. Listen to your body.
  22. Have a healthy diet. Blueberries, Dark green leafy veg, Salmon, Almonds, and Avocados are amazing brain foods.
  23. Have instrumental music playing at a low volume in the background & (there are loads of study music videos on youtube) pause the music every time you’re on a break.
  24. Have a clean desk, put away any excess paper and pens in draws and out of site.
  26. Coffee.