I got a tattoo! ~ my tips, inspiration, artist and pain levels

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So last week I got a tattoo! After years of contemplating what I want and where I want it, I finally decided and got it done! So I thought I’d talk about the inspiration, the artist and the level pain.

I got a text tattoo on my forearm, I’m not going to insert a picture purely because I want to preserve the originality of my tattoo.

My Inspiration:

I would recommend looking at Pinterest because it’s a brilliant place to gain inspiration and ideas for tattoos, these are some of the pictures I gained inspiration from. I used Dafont.com and browsed a variety of different types of fonts typing in what I wanted as my tattoo. I also browsed through Instagrams of different tattoo artists to see if I liked anything, but if you are going to do this, on the behalf of the artists, please don’t copy their work. I never understood why this was a problem before but since I’ve had my own tattoo, thinking about it, I would be annoyed if someone duplicated my tattoo.

My tattoo was inspired from a poem by Shel Silverstein called “listen to the must nts”. 

Here are these photos I used for inspiration …



The Artist:

The place I went to was called One By One in Soho, London. My tattoo was done artist by a guy called Miles. His Instagram

I specifically went to him because I really liked his work when it came to fine line tattoos, he used my photos and designed my tattoo. He was patient and is someone I would definitely recommend going to if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time.

Pain: 2/5.

As it was my first tattoo I couldn’t really compare… but I honestly have such little tolerance for pain so if you really can’t stand it, maximum 2.5 (I just didn’t look when I was getting tattooed).


  1. Stay hydrated (the more hydrated you are, the less it will hurt)
  2. Have a good breakfast
  3. Do not drink alcohol a few days before you’re getting tattooed.
  4. Take someone with you. I held (more like squeezing the life out) my boyfriend’s hand.
  5. If you’re not 100% with the design don’t do it.
  6. I used E45 (moisturising one) instead of Bephanthen cream for aftercare.
  7. Do not shave the area, the artist will do this for you.
  8. Keep the clingfilm on for 3-4 days depends on how big the tattoo is.
  10. Don’t look at the needle if you’re scared.

Hope you found this to be helpful!

Good luck if you’re planning to get a tattoo!

Nisha x

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