my imperfect perfections.

Establishing your imperfections as perfections is a step to self-love.

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

I thought I’d write about all my imperfections because more and more every day the world is being perceived (a majority of the time) through social media. A place full of illusions, from angles to lighting, to airbrushing, to filters and hashtags … the list goes on. So for a little dose of realism into your life, I’d thought I’d write about what I’m “insecure” about and what features I like about myself.

The Insecurities…

  1. My lips

(I naturally have a full bottom lip and a thin upper lip).

For as long as I know I have always felt uncomfortable with the shape of my lips. I remember specifically looking in the mirror at the age of 10 and pushing my top lip up to make it look fuller like the Bratz doll I had. I didn’t know “lip fillers” and “lip enhancement” existed at the time, I mean, I was 10 … so I thought; “okay, so I can’t have that shape, I have this shape it’s fine” as no one really pointed out my lips or made a comment on how my lips looked.

… fast forward to being 16, my friend told me she wished she has bigger lips and she tried over lining and gloss – basically anything to make her lips look bigger – again, the insecurity of lips resurfaced, as she mentioned how thin my top lip was but she reassured me that my lips were an “okay shape” since I naturally had a full bottom lip.

Now I’m 21, the era of The Kardashians, Instagram and Kylie Jenner Lips, every day I look in the mirror and can’t help but think “maybe 0.5ml dermal filler would help make my lips look more proportionate”.

I’m actually still contemplating about it, but at the same time, I don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money and give into the beauty standards society created.

2. I have white hair

On the top of my head, it’s quite prominent in this area, I grow strands of white hair. I don’t why but recently I have. I used to cut it and make it look short so all my black hair would cover it, but now I just let it grow. I have had many people mention it to me and yeah. I do feel self-conscious about it, but fuck it, I’m embracing my inner Rogue (from X-men).

I think it’s genetic or maybe it’s stress, I heard it happens if I drink too much tea and coffee (but apparently that’s a myth) I don’t know… I now grow white hair and no, I’m not gonna dye my hair black because of it, that requires too much effort and I really don’t want to damage my hair more than I already have.

3. I’m hella hairy.

I’m Indian, need I say more.

My likeable features…

  1. My legs.

God damn, I’m so grateful for those weekly swimming lessons when I was younger.

So naturally my torso is short, but my legs are long, giving the illusion I look tall until you come and stand next to me. I’m 5’3 and haven’t grown in 3 years. This is my height for life. I wish I was 5’6 or 5’7… but nope, I’m that average/short height.

I like how defined my muscles are on my legs. I have a line that runs down my outer thigh and if you grab them (after a good leg day session) they feel rock solid and not squishy. haha.

2. My eyebrows and my eyelashes.

Thank God I wake up every day with eyebrows on my face. I swear if eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows and the curtains and ugly curtains make a room look ugly. I do fill the tops on my eyebrows in to make them look sharper and more defined, but at least I don’t have to draw the shape on them on my face because that requires a different kind of effort and patience which does not exist within in me. I would rather go through the pain of threading.

I also have naturally long eyelashes so I don’t really need to apply falsies, curling them and applying mascara will do.

3. My smile

I used to have the worst set of teeth but braces helped me out! I just wish I got permanent retainers because my teeth easily move, plastic retainers didn’t really help much to keep my teeth in place – wear your retainers kids, otherwise, all that hard work goes down the drain!

So yeah, those are three of my likes and dislikes about myself, I’m pretty sure there are a lot more, but I thought 3 was a good number to stop with.

Thinking about it, for all my likeable features that I have listed, I’ve received compliments from people … so go and compliment people! Make them feel good about themselves!

I hope you enjoyed this and kept you a little more grounded and to remind you we’re all different and to embrace everything we have.

Lots of Love,
Nisha x