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This is longggggg over due ~ Yes, I turned the big 21! Ahhh (it was in December) See what I mean by long over due? So lets just jump right into it shall we?



Jumpsuit: Warehouse
Shoes: Bershka
Coat: Uniqlo
Earrings: Swarovski




I celebrated with my friends at Beagle, a lovely brunch place in Hoxton, the coffee and the food was amazing!

Its bittersweet to think the older I get the smaller my circle is. It’s either because im selectively social or its because I don’t like alot of people’s vibes.

To think when I was 14 I would have some grand 21st birthday.. lol, young nisha you had too many out of reach expectations. 7 years on … I was so happy with a casual brunch with my bf and two of my closest friends. I can’t think of any other way of changing how I celebrated my 21st. 😭💕



Dress: Warehouse
Bag and Shoes: Bershka
Earrings: Swarovski

It was 1 degree Celsius, who did I think I was walking around in a dress with no tights?!

I hope you enjoyed this & thank you so much for reading!!

Lots of Love
Nisha x

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well! ^-^

Uni has me stressed out and the cherry to top this off is that my skin is looking awful. I have been using the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask a lot, to be honest, I’ve gone through three tubs of that stuff – I love it! So I wanted to try something new and similar.

So I opted for the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, I’ve heard no reviews about this and no one has recommended it to me, I walked into the shop and picked it out from random amongst the lot.

So it’s 125ml tub of product for £23.50. Decent. The packaging its self is nothing fancy, just a plain plastic tub with a screw on lid.

The product is said to:

  • Cleanse your skin of debris
  • Visibly minimised pores
  • Give a brighter looking complexion
  • Clear blackheads
  • Gently draws out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores.
  • Soothe the skin

The product contains:

  • Mineral-rich Amazonian White Clay
  •  Oatmeal
  • Aloe Vera

How to Apply:

  • Apply a thin layer to damp, clean skin, avoiding the immediate eye area and allow to dry (approximately ten minutes)
  • When dry, gently remove using a warm, wet towel and gently pat dry

This is what it looks like on the inside:


I applied this after a long day of wearing make up for more than 12 hours. I was tired and I wanted a quick “pick me up” for my skin.

I applied this mask using my fingers. The product itself was smooth and I did notice there was no cooling sensation or tingle on my skin like the one from Body Shop. I left it on my skin until it completely dried which didn’t take long, I was able to wash it off within 15 minutes. So it was definitely great to use in the morning before I head out.

When I was looking in the mirror with the mask on, I could see my pores and the mask really stuck to the skin. I could smile and talk with this mask on, it was 100000% more comfortable to use in comparison to my Body shop mask.

After I washed it off, I was supposed to use a hot towel to wipe it, but I didn’t, I used warm-hot water and my hands – my skin looked so much brighter and my skin looked so smooth especially on my nose where I have large pores and some swollen spots on my jaw felt not so bumpy anymore.

For 10 minutes, this mask did wonders! Whereas I left my body shop mask on for 45 minutes.

So overall, I rate this mask a 3.5/5 – 

What I don’t like is that I can’t apply it on dry skin and I have to wipe it off with a towel. ew no. my towel will get dirty.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this review!

Lot’s of love,
Nisha x

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

So last week I got a tattoo! After years of contemplating what I want and where I want it, I finally decided and got it done! So I thought I’d talk about the inspiration, the artist and the level pain.

I got a text tattoo on my forearm, I’m not going to insert a picture purely because I want to preserve the originality of my tattoo.

My Inspiration:

I would recommend looking at Pinterest because it’s a brilliant place to gain inspiration and ideas for tattoos, these are some of the pictures I gained inspiration from. I used Dafont.com and browsed a variety of different types of fonts typing in what I wanted as my tattoo. I also browsed through Instagrams of different tattoo artists to see if I liked anything, but if you are going to do this, on the behalf of the artists, please don’t copy their work. I never understood why this was a problem before but since I’ve had my own tattoo, thinking about it, I would be annoyed if someone duplicated my tattoo.

My tattoo was inspired from a poem by Shel Silverstein called “listen to the must nts”. 

Here are these photos I used for inspiration …



The Artist:

The place I went to was called One By One in Soho, London. My tattoo was done artist by a guy called Miles. His Instagram

I specifically went to him because I really liked his work when it came to fine line tattoos, he used my photos and designed my tattoo. He was patient and is someone I would definitely recommend going to if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time.

Pain: 2/5.

As it was my first tattoo I couldn’t really compare… but I honestly have such little tolerance for pain so if you really can’t stand it, maximum 2.5 (I just didn’t look when I was getting tattooed).


  1. Stay hydrated (the more hydrated you are, the less it will hurt)
  2. Have a good breakfast
  3. Do not drink alcohol a few days before you’re getting tattooed.
  4. Take someone with you. I held (more like squeezing the life out) my boyfriend’s hand.
  5. If you’re not 100% with the design don’t do it.
  6. I used E45 (moisturising one) instead of Bephanthen cream for aftercare.
  7. Do not shave the area, the artist will do this for you.
  8. Keep the clingfilm on for 3-4 days depends on how big the tattoo is.
  10. Don’t look at the needle if you’re scared.

Hope you found this to be helpful!

Good luck if you’re planning to get a tattoo!

Nisha x

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

I think I’m overcoming this writer’s block and the flow of blogging is coming back to me, haha, so here a few things I do in the morning when I’m feeling down.

1. Drink water! (a lot of it)

Did you know dehydration can make you sleepy? Yes, not drinking enough water may be the reason why you’re yawning or sleepy in the mornings so I would definitely recommend drinking water before anything and lots of it.

I try and stick to drinking a pint of water with a slice of lemon every morning, this will help detox your body and since I’ve been doing this I’ve noticed problems with spots and pimples got a lot less problematic.

2. Apply hair oil and a face mask!

If I’m not feeling great on the inside I try my best to look good on the out because it makes me feel like I’m detoxing all of last night’s energy from today.  I tend to leave the face mask and hair oil on for a minimum of half an hour. The face mask I use is from Body Shop, (I did a review click here to read) and I apply almond oil in my hair, every now and then I do use coconut oil.

3. Listen to a mixtape!

The type of music I listen to in the morning determines my attitude in the morning.
I use Spotify to listen to mixtapes because if I find it refreshing to listen to someone else’s than my own. Here is a couple I like on Spotify…

Ro & Mui  Mixtape (I’ve been listening to this a lot).

TheAMwithAmy Mixtape

4. Shower

Wash away yesterday’s negative energy because today is a brand new day with new opportunities that need to be fulfilled.

5. Have breakfast

6. Positive Thoughts

Have a pep talk with yourself. I like to look in the mirror and tell myself:

“Nisha you got this – smile”

Whatever happened yesterday doesn’t mean today will be a repeat, no day is the same and you always have to remind your self that you’re better than yesterday, you’re strong and beautiful even when no else will and ignore the people that make you feel less than this.

If no one has told you today…

 “You’re strong and beautiful and you’re gonna do great”

I hope you have a lovely day,

Lots of love,
Nisha x

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well,

I totally forgot to share my new foundation routine! So for this week’s post, I thought I’d share some tips with making your foundation last longer and my thoughts on the Fenty Beauty Foundation!

Fenty Beauty Foundation (PRO FILT’R Soft Matte Longwear Foundation) Review:

I’m in the colour 330 which is basically a MAC NC42.

The price of this foundation is £26 which I think is affordable for a high-end foundation. The design of the bottle is very minimal and sleek and the foundation itself smells like pineapple and papaya in a jar.

As the official name says, it has a matte finish and oh my, of all the foundations I have used this has to be the most photogenic foundation due to it’s “blurring” effect on the skin. The foundation sits really nice on my skin and doesn’t feel cakey at all and surprisingly with all these qualities, it’s a medium-full coverage foundation. The foundation sets by its self and dries quickly on to the skin so I would recommend applying a little amount at a time.

Unfortunately, this foundation does not work well with dry skin and if you have acne. The foundation will emphasise acne scarring and pores, I don’t know if their primer will help with this issue as I have never bought or tried it. I have also noticed the foundation slightly oxidises making me look a little tan/orange, however, I combat this with cream highlighting certain areas of my face to balance out the orange tone.

So, I rate this foundation a 3.5/5

My Foundation Routine:

  1. After exfoliating and cleansing, I apply almond oil to my face as a facial oil instead of moisturiser (especially if I’m using the Fenty foundation) and I let the oil set into my skin.
  2.  I then apply MAC prep n prime primer on to my nose, cheeks, eyes – basically everywhere (I got a tester so I’m using it up).
  3. Then I use my Bobbi Brown corrector in the colour; medium/dark peach and I apply this to the areas of my face where I suffer from discolouration and acne scarring. I like this better than the LA Girl colour corrector as this doesn’t make my foundation look orange.
  4. I then lightly dust powder (Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed) to set all the areas that have corrector and lightly dust some power over my face. Applying powder before adding foundation makes your foundation look to stay in place and lasts longer.
  5. Using a damp beauty blender I apply my foundation on to face and neck and set my foundation by again, lightly dusting some powder onto my nose, chin and forehead. I don’t apply it to my cheeks as I’ll be (powder) contouring and highlighting as well as adding bronzer.

So, I hope you found this to be helpful!

Lots of love,

Nisha x