Treat yourself.

I got told this the other day – “Treat yourself” 

It’s crazy how I would go out and spend money on other people and treat them out but I won’t treat myself.

I was walking around Westfield after uni … nothing in mind, just aimlessly walking, maybe looking around to see what’s new. I didn’t want to go home yet and I missed my boo terribly that day … so while walking around, I asked myself; when was the last time I actually treated myself?

I couldn’t recall a memory… I always treated myself on my birthday, a gift (not too expensive though… so like a dress, or a lipstick… something wearable, worth it…), a dinner out with my friends (which I would pay; “my treat” even though it’s my birthday). So, the answer is no. I haven’t actually treated myself. I’ve always compromised with myself but I’ve never treated myself randomly with no occasion in mind.

So my “walk around”/ “window shopping” trip was changed to a “Nisha you’re about to treat yourself” shopping trip.

And I TREATED MYSELF WELL. Like oof. I don’t wanna open my bank statement.

The first thing I bought myself was a lipstick and a beautiful gold cream eyeshadow from Charlotte Tilbury. It wasn’t that expensive as I thought it would be because there was 15% off at the counter.

I purchased a lipstick in the shade Bond Girl – the best way to describe it as a subtle, natural, innocent pink. It’s my new favourite lipstick and the packaging is so luxurious and shiny. I looked at this lipstick last year and forgot all about it until I went to the counter.

The cream eyeshadow (eyes to mesmerise) in the shade Bette ~ an amber gold colour, which surprisingly very wearable with a full face of makeup and with a no make up face. I also thought it would be useful to use on my cousin when I do her make up next Saturday. So this was kinda a half-compromise-half-treat product to me.

After, I walked past Swarovski. I couldn’t see my “wish list earrings” on display! I’ve been wanting these pair of earrings for 4 years! 4 years! They are sparkly, gold and just beautiful. So beautiful I haven’t gotten over them in 4 years.
I walked in and of course, I saw them, hanging and shining above all the others. They were just so beautiful. I turned down the help of two assistants because I was adamant I didn’t want to buy them yet. This thought didn’t last long… The third assistant approached me and I confessed to the assistant about my love affair with these earrings.  I got to finally hold them and within 5 minutes I agreed to buy them – do I regret it – NO! haha, I’m so in love with them. I sadly wear them when no is home and admire them in the mirror – I know sad. so fucking sad but I can’t help but get all giddy when I see them. They’re going to be the centre of attention at any party. They are drop-dead gorgeous. They’re Swarovski. 

I saw my boyfriend for coffee after and he noticed the lipstick and I showed him the earrings and he said … “Boo I was gonna buy them for your Birthday!” All I thought was; now I can wear them for my birthday!

The moral of this story was; the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have and the longest one. So, be kind to yourself, treat yourself, no one is harsher on us than ourselves … so forgive yourself and start growing into the person you wish to be.

Hope you found this to be inspiring!

Nisha x

3 thoughts on “Treat yourself.

  1. Treating yourself is very important but there are many other ways to do it other then spending money!!! I personally like making my own skincare products and having a cute little spa day at home!! You should try it 😀


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