University Haul & FENTY BEAUTY & Writer’s Block

I swear I have 5 drafts saved but I never get round to publishing anything. So, before I head off to sleep before my presentation tomorrow and a hardcore library session! Imma publish this blog post.  

So, where shall I begin?

University Haul!

Ahh, stationary, the illusion of productivity. I’m joking – no but seriously, I feel productive by like 50% if I have new stationary!

Here is a few mix of things I bought which I’ve been using pretty much every day …

  • Muji pens! Cheap and amazing quality!
  • Dotted paper pads. Trust me dotted paper is the best, it gives you the ability to be as creative as using blank paper while simultaneously giving the same structure as using lined paper! I use an A5 pad for lectures.
  • Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Classic Black ~ every student needs a backpack.
  • I’ve also been using plastic wallets instead of bulky folders, so I’m basically organised and using the minimal amount of space in my backpack.


So, I’m in the colour 330.

It’s a really nice foundation, the colour match is great, the staying power is amazing, I barely touch up!

But here’s the catch … If you have acne scarring or dry skin, this foundation is probably not the best pick,  It really does emphasise these areas and I know it sucks, but I guess adding a heavy-duty moisturiser and a primer may help ~ again, may not work for everyone but this is how I go about it. I may do a full-on makeup look using this foundation – like a vampy kinda look?

It’s very much a matte finish, but looks natural on the skin – I would say it’s a medium to full coverage foundation.

On a scale of 1-10 I would give it around a strong 7.5

Writer’s block ~

I’ve been struggling to write these days … to be honest, I don’t even know where my head is at, I thought life would be easier if I quit my job, I mean it’s not easier but I deffo have more time to procrasin- study? I think?

I kinda miss my dorm room which sounds silly because it was tiny, but I liked my own space and freedom, I do miss my pin board. I miss being able to sleep next to my boyfriend… we squished onto a single bed but deffo made it work. haha, sweet memories.

I swear last year feels like a dream …

Sorry, if this was uber short!

Hope you’re all well!

Nisha xo

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