Make up ramble.

If I have a 9am, best believe I’m taking a shower that day. The second best thing for feeling refreshed. The first is coffee.

I’ve been using a new foundation ~ the Clinique – Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer – I know – I was really loving the Estee Lauder Double Wear, but this foundation gives me full coverage and a glow! ahhhh, so I’m really liking it because it’s so easy to blend out as I don’t need to pour it out on the back of my hand because it comes with a lip gloss type brush swab thing, which I can apply straight onto my clean face.

I can’t believe we’re in October now ~ how time has flown by … jeez. So to keep up with the Auntum vibes, I’ve bought a matte lipstick in the shade Sin by Mac, it’s a brown muted red and looks divine. I wear Vaseline on top of this lipstick because I don’t like how dry it feels. Also, I like how it pairs well with the Urban Decay Heat Pallete because all the red, brown and purple tones fit nicely together.

I’ve been filling in my brows recently, just lightly because I want them to look a little bolder. I’ve been using the NYX – professional makeup eyebrow powder pencil. I just outline and lightly fill the arch bit of my brows. I don’t touch the front. I don’t want those thick Nike ticks for brows, haha. I finish off by brushing them out with the spoolie.

Blush is cute. It gives me some colour, but for Auntum, a clean-cut contoured face just fits so well with the dark and gloomy mood. I always think blush is for spring and summer. I guess the winter drowns out the colour from my face, so I do add bronzer very lightly around my jawline and temples or if you prefer you can also use a warm-toned contour powder. Guys, please don’t underestimate tones! The tones of your makeup can either make or break your face, a little like doing your eyebrows.

If eyes are windows to the soul then the eyebrows are the curtains.

So yeah, this was a little ramble about how I’ve been doing my makeup and some of the new things I have purchased.

Do comment if you want a vlog or what me to try something out, my notifications are always on so I’ll reply back to you guys instantly!

Stay blessed

Lots of Love,
Nisha x

Insta: @omfgnish

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