It’s been a while ~

I have to firstly apologise for my absence because I’ve been busy and have found no time to sit and tap at my keyboard ~ but all aside, I’m here now and I have to say a lot of my time has been taken up with work and university.

I’ve managed to settle into University quite comfortably, yes, the work is intense and I’m drowning in lectures and notes and I have found myself to daydream during lectures. I am sleep deprived and caffeinated all at the same time, but is this not the life of a student? If it’s one thing I have come to know, it’s that being a full-time student in London is also being in full-time debt. So regardless if I have student finance, I’m always out looking for student discount or any discount for a matter of fact.

On a more positive note, I’m able to buy decent coffee at £1.40. Decent. Normally it’s £3.40. So I’m saving £2 a day, which builds up to £10 a week… depends on how much coffee I drink.

I have made a vlog .. sort of about my time at the London Aquarium ~ do check it out if you like – ~ it’s sort of a montage of lots of different sea life and chilled out music.

I did my first personal training session yesterday and now I can’t walk up or down the stairs without wincing in pain. My leg muscles feel so tight and tender. When I sit down it takes me a while to stand back up, so I prefer to stand as much as I can now until this soreness goes away ~ I’m not sure if I should take painkillers.

Everyone seems to ask how I’m doing ~ well, let me say I’m not at my best but at the same time I’m not at my worst. There are days where some are a lot harder to get through than others, but I’m working on it. I try to go to all my lectures even if they are 9am’s or they are boring as hell.

I’ve been enjoying the sun and her flowers – Rupi Kaur and I have enjoyed watching Power on Netflix a little too much since I end up watching half a season a day and that’s the bare minimum.

I haven’t written like this in a while and I know it may seem boring to you guys but I have a few photos to share and I have a few makeup reviews in mind along with some excerpts.

Hope you enjoyed this ~

Nisha x


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