Life Update: So much has happened!

I know I’ve been away from the keyboard for a while and I haven’t been posting – I’m so sorry – so much has been going on, I haven’t had time to write!

This past week has been so busy and next week is going to be no different! I’ve been in and out of Central London, I’ve been making most of the little time I have left before Uni takes over and the stress has been so real that my immune system is slowly failing me at the worst time.

Okay. Breathe.

1. I’m a KCL student!

I finally, finally, finaaaallly enrolled into Kings College London, which has been so surreal that I legit had to pinch myself while I was holding my ID card.

I swear I was so happy I felt like my heart was gonna come out my chest. I just wanted to laugh hysterically in Waterloo and jump up and down… I felt flutters in my stomach and in my chest! The relief I felt when I had my ID in my hands is probably the happiest moment I’ve had all summer. All those nights of studying till 4am, all the prayers, the tears – All. Fucking. Worth. It.


2. I’m an Aunty!

I an aunt to a beautiful niece called Mia, she’s only a few weeks old and she’s so beautiful. Honestly, I feel so blessed to be a part of her life and I can’t wait till she grows up! Ahhh!

3. New job!

I have the opportunity to leave my old workplace for a better one! I’ll still be doing rep work which is great. I’ll only be working weekends which is even better so I can have my Friday’s back to myself! Woo! No more stupid conference calls at 9am – I can’t wait to leave, I’m gonna get trained next week and I’ll be starting my new job the same week.

4. Relationship …

I’ve managed to patch things up with my boyfriend, we’re still taking baby steps but it’s better than having no progression at all. We’ve gone on a few dates – the National Gallery and the London Aquarium. I loved the aquarium so much, my favourite exhibition was the Jellyfish one!

5. Youtube?

I may start posting videos on Youtube again, I stopped, then started blogging and photography. I don’t know, maybe I’ll vlog around Kings College? I made a video of my time at the aquarium, I didn’t post it on Youtube – but tell me what you think? Youtube or nahh – Maybe some software recommendations which won’t cause me to break my bank?

So yeah, this is why I’ve been away and I’ve been so ill because of these changes and I’ll hopefully write more!

I hope you liked this!



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