She believed.

She believed in love
She wanted to get married,
She wanted to have 3 kids, 
She wanted to grow with you. 
She loved you.

She did her best to yield to your ways,

She loved a little harder 

Yet as each day went on which grew into months she slowly started losing herself. 

Her smile was a little smaller, her eye bags were a little heavier, her laugh was a little quieter and soon her humming tune disappeared. 

You killed her. 


She found out you were lying, she found your promises to be nothing but false hope, you neglected her, manipulated her, span her in a cycle of tears, kisses and “I’m sorry”‘s. She questioned herself. She questioned her existence. 

She became paranoid and insecure, her mind was no longer flourishing,

Her mind grew numb and the light in her eyes grew dimmer, 

One night. When you pushed the knife a little deeper. 

She hung up & committed suicide. 

Someone new stepped in her place. 

I no longer believe in love,

I no longer trust people,

Marriage & children are no longer in my plan. 

I still don’t regret having my heart broken by you. 

 I just regret giving you a place in my heart.


A short excerpt that I wrote a few days, hope you enjoy

Nisha x

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