5 items that all students forget to bring for university!

If you’re moving into halls and you feel like you’re forgetting the basic in-your-face items – these items are probably what you’re missing!

1. Electric Heater or Electric Blanket

If you’re moving out of London for university you’ll be surprised at how cold it is. I’m not joking when I say it’s cold, it’s FREEZING. I don’t know why. So, I would recommend buying an electric heater or an electric blanket because some universities say you’re not allowed to have electric heaters in your room because they’re a fire hazard.

To be honest, I had an electric heater in my room all year and no one knew, so buy one and keep it at your own risk!

2. Extension leads or Extention plugs

You’re gonna maximum have 2 plug sockets in your room so I would recommend taking an extension lead with you because you’re gonna have to plug-in your laptop charger, phone charger, desk lamp, electric heater/blanket and so on so forth so definitely take this!

3. Kitchen Towel or Kitchen Paper

I cannot express how much of a necessity this is in the kitchen because instead of leaving plates to dry on the rack, you can quickly wipe down your washed plates and put them away, preventing anyone else from using your plates! Trust me it will happen.

To be honest, you could just take plastic cutlery and plastic plates – so much easier to use and throw away and you don’t have to wash them afterwards!

4. Head phones

If you’re one of those people who play music really loud in your room, you’re gonna disturb other people, then they’re gonna get annoyed and complain about you etc … so be considerate – wear head phones! If you don’t like the wires, invest in Bluetooth head phones.

5. Hand sanitizer and cleaning stuff!

You’re gonna shake a lot of hands when meeting new people at university and God knows what the hell they’ve been doing with their hands and fingers so to prevent the spread of freshers flu and other diseases, definitely have two bottles of hand sanitizer with you.

Also, when you move in, wipe down all the surfaces like your window sill, your desk, you’re bathroom and toilet! There will be so much dust and dirt it’s better to be ready to do a full clean of your room before settling in.

Some cleaning things I took were:

  • Glade Carpet and Room Powder, I got the shake and vacuum one!
  • Bleach (for the toilet)
  • Cleaning spray and cloth – desk
  • bleach wipes – bathroom floor
  • Bin bags

Hope you found this to be helpful & Good luck at university!

Nisha x

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