I don’t feel anything 

Is it sad to say I don’t feel the same? I want to I do but I guess my soul is refusing to feel. It’s like someone switched off a tap inside of me. 

A drought. A love drought. Not a single drop of love has been given to you since I left you at the barricades. I don’t know what happened but I began to process the events of the day on the train; what I was supposed to do and what I did were two polar opposites. 

Am I ashamed? Am I relieved? I don’t know. Am I in love? Or am I in mourning? Mourning of what I used to be. 

There used to be a girl. A girl with too much forgiveness.. a girl who harder than most. A girl with hope. 

I think that girl died. I think someone different has stepped in her place and this girl looked down at the dead body of what used to be her and decided to stop caring. This girl decided to stop calling. This girl decided to grow distant and leave everyone questioning. What once was a warm aura is now growing cold. This girl is growing apart. She’s slipping away from your grips for someone else to hold her.

She left only a shell, the caucus of her memories and the echoing sounds of her “good night”‘s and “I love you”‘s. 

this girl is …  


Hope you enjoyed this excerpt! ^-^

Nisha x

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