Setting fire to the sky

The big, beautiful sky changed to 50 shades of orange and red fading into a navy blue. The golden hues rained down on Earth as if Heaven itself opened the gates to welcome my broken soul. 

When I peer up into the Heavens above, I see the clouds sail together to put out the sunlight soon for darkness to spill across the sky like ink. I look at the sky and question if there was a war amongst the Gods. The streaks of red reminded me of how the Romans would slice open their enemies for blood to paint the sign of their victory. 

To think we’ll experience a different sunset every day reminds me that beauty will only last a few moments and is only admired by those who are patient or blessed to be on the right side of Earth, as a sunset will not wait nor change for no one, it will continue to be beautiful regardless if no one is watching and that’s how I aspire to be. Unique, beautiful and unbothered. 




Hope you enjoyed this!

Nisha x

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