August Loves!

So the month is coming to an end and I’ve accumulated a lot of random gems this past month, so I’ll try and keep it quick and short.

1. Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens (£209)

Purchasing this made my bank account go a little black and blue but oh my gosh … the photos look so beautiful! I use a Canon M10 and this lens creates beautiful close-up images and blurs the background – it’s honestly the best! I’ve used this lens when taking close ups of my makeup on my other posts.



2.  NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – Vintage, Club Hopper & Cherry Skies (£7 each)

I cannot wait until we fall into the deeper autumn months to wear these cream lipsticks. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone when purchasing Club Hopper because I was hunting for a brown lipstick that would suit my skin tone, so initially, I went for a brown with a red undertone. Club Hopper is a beautiful colour when I wear this I swear I feel so dark and mysterious … borderline sexy! haha. Vintage is a plum colour with a mauve undertone and this is something I picked up with Club Hopper purely because I was unsure if I could like Club Hopper but I love both of them!

Cherry skies is a deep wine red. I have so many red lipsticks and I keep buying the same colours but I justify buying the same colours because they have different textures – matte, sheer, cream and so on. I know … it’s not a good enough reason (judge me all you like I don’t care!)



3. My yellow nails!

I’ve been so unsure to paint my nails yellow because it’s such a vibrant colour and waaay out of my comfort zone, but I suck it up and was brave enough to try it and I LOVE THEM – but I don’t think I’m gonna paint them yellow again, I prefer reds, pinks, blues and dark greens.


4. Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner – Matte

I had a love hate relationship with this eyeliner – I first hated the brush because I wasn’t used to it but after a while, I came to grips with it and I really like it. I like the matte finish, it lasts all day and I’ve used this all month long ^-^

5. My new puppy! – Meet Rocky!

Rocky is an American staff, he’s really cute and playful and I love him! haha



Hope you liked this!

Nisha x

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