Make love to me

Our paths crossed like an X. We came across each other by accident and soon the forces of life pulled us apart. I can’t keep begging you to change if you don’t want, so regardless if I wait a day, a month or a year I know nothing will change but I have this hope you will so I guess this is what they call love on the brain

Love clouds my judgment. I feel like I’m nothing without you. I look at you the same way I look at the moon. I feel sad when I can’t see you. Your eyes see straight through me the way the sunlight shines through a window. I want to hear your morning voice, not your answering machine. I beat myself up over you, I’ve been hurting inside yet every time I see you I feel nothing but love. I can’t call you because I swear if I hear your voice I’ll melt faster than ice on a hot summer’s day. 

I want to give in so bad. I’m caving. 

I say whats on my mind. I don’t care if I’m a little drunk. What I would do to be under you, my hair spilled across the pillow like our clothes on the floor. My hands intertwined with yours, your lips imprinting kisses across my neck, along my jaw finding its way to my lips. Close every inch of space between us because I want to be closer. The layers of my soul unravel like a ribbon. I’ll soak you up the same way I soak up the sun rays. I can’t get enough of you with every thrust however long we are at it, I want more. I want to hear you same my name, I want you to keep loving me and caressing me, I want your breath on me. Squeeze out every ounce of my love from my body – make me feel numb. 

Because right now … I want to feel numb. I’d rather be drunk on Remy Martin and writing this out than calling up and crying to you on the phone. 

Because if you cared, you’d call – but you don’t. So … 


Another excerpt. I know this can be … intense.. but I like to push all boundaries when writing.


Nisha x

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