A letter to my ex …

I could have another night where I let you consume my thoughts or I could just say to myself, fuck off.

I’m not going to let your existence bother me. If you cared about me you would check up on me. So tonight and from this night forward, I’m going to put the phone beside me and I’m going to leave it there, why? Because with or without you in my life I’m still going to have to move forward in life because time stops for no one. I can’t dwell on the past and I’m not going to hold onto you. 

Someone will replace you. This hole in my heart will close and all wounds will heal eventually. 

You put me together and you broke me into pieces. 

I don’t need your help to put me back together. I’m going to slowly piece myself together and I know I’ll cut myself picking up broken pieces and I will be in pain but I’d rather do it myself than you. 

You broke my heart but you didn’t break my soul. I didn’t give up on myself nor did I feel the need to have your validation to carry on being happy. 

You should be privileged to have me in your life because of all the girls you’ve come to know I’m the only one who’s a lady with a mouth. I’ll throw my words with no sugar coating knowing they’ll cut deeper into people than a knife ever would. 

I know my worth. I fuck my man, my man doesn’t fuck me. I’m a jewel that deserves to be placed on a crown. I’m a lady that any man would be proud to have on their arm and in his bed. 

My mother didn’t raise no weak ass bitch and she took nine months to form my heart, so you darling are not going to be able to destroy it in one night. 

Send my love and condolences to your unfortunate future lover. 

I would say have a nice life but I don’t think there will be anything nicer after me. 



A little excerpt for any of the beautiful ladies out there with a heartbreak or are crying over an ex, or a fuck boy – keep your chin up because we don’t want that crown to fall. Slay my sista! ~

Nisha x


2 thoughts on “A letter to my ex …

  1. When you love your self and build an amazing life your self, no person friend or significant other can ruin that happiness you made. You put your goals and life ahead of anything else everyone who ever hurt you will regret it all.

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