Things that make me happy …

So many of you may have realised I’ve been feeling quite down lately but here are a few ways I cheer myself up..  thought I might share since I know a lot of other people out there could be going through the same thing as me or maybe even worse.

Cheer up, we’re strong!  To have a rainbow we need a little rain!

  1. Coffee at a perfectly drinkable temperature
  2. Wearing a dark lipstick
  3. Wearing makeup!
  4. A good workout
  5. Cupcakes! Cupcakes are basically edible happiness!
  6. Puppies!!!
  7. Blogging! & responding to comments ^-^
  8. A hot shower
  9. A soft oversized jumper
  10. Phone calls with my best friend
  11. Freshly done nails/eyebrows/hair
  12. Photography
  13. A good shark movie or a crocodile movie!
  14. Clothes fresh out of the dryer
  15. Fluffy socks!
  16. Finding the missing match to my favourite socks
  17. Finding money in my pocket that I forgot about
  18. Cell service in the underground
  19. Popping bubble wrap
  20. Sleeping in clean fresh sheets
  21. 100% charge on my phone
  22. Knowing all the words to a song

Hope you got to know me a little better ^-^

Nisha x

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