Let you go …

I let you go because I know you deserve someone better. 

I let you go knowing that I love you and I love enough that I don’t need to have you. 

I can’t give you what you want, I can’t keep my promises. I know what I did was abrupt and out of the blue but you have to understand it wasn’t something I wanted to do.  

I lied. I lied to you saying I didn’t love you but I didn’t lie when I did say I love you. 

I hung up on you because I didn’t want to tell you the truth. I can’t tell you because I know you would accept everything I had to say but I couldn’t accept you taking on this burden. 

I’m sorry my life to you is a burden. I’m sorry I have complicated people in my life that are bound to me by blood and I’m sorry I can’t rewrite my history and pull out my roots that keep me connected to lands where my family came from.

I do wish in another life you’re written for me.
I hope you’ll forgive me.
I’ll continue praying that you’re happy. 

I hope you get this. 

Love … 


Thought I’d share an excerpt.

Love,sign nisha


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