Staples for a sixth-form/work wardrobe & Outfit Ideas

I like to buy a few staple items and mix and match them instead of investing in 5 different outfits for each day of the week and by doing this you’re able to save a lot of wardrobe space and money!

Some staple items I’ll have for a smart/casual wardrobe are:

  • A boyfriend blazer
  • Black pumps
  • Slim leg trousers
  • High neck top
  • Tights (black and nude)
  • A v-neck top
  • A large tote bag
  • Little black dress

1. Boyfriend Blazer

A blazer will never go out of fashion and its such a timeless piece of clothing that I believe everyone should have because it’s so easy to dress up or down. The boyfriend blazer is smart yet comfortable to wear and different to a traditional blazer because the style of it is longer, with pockets, slightly oversized, in black or grey, with rolled up sleeves.

2. Black pumps

You need black pumps because they will go with anything! I like suede pumps over leather pumps because they are a lot more comfortable to wear.

3. High waisted/Slim Leg trousers

High waisted trousers will accentuate your waist and show off your backside and slim leg trousers will go well with any type of shoe from pumps to heels.

4. High neck tops

High neck tops are flattering for people with big busts and are different to a traditional button down shirt and are a lot more comfortable to wear.

5. Don’t be afraid of colour

It’s normal to stick with a colour palette of black, white and grey when buying clothes but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to add a pop of colour, this can be done by adding a red bag or as I have done; wearing an orange top. Adding colour to a basic monotone outfit will make your look a lot more relaxed.

I thought I’d share some outfit ideas if you’re going off to sixth-form in September or to a job interview if you’re totally unsure on what to wear.





I hope you found this to be helpful!

Nisha x



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