I’ve been raised as a Hindu, I believe in karma and I believe in life after death (reincarnation). As a Hindu we have many Gods, Goddess and Saints, to remind us God is everywhere and that we can never hide from His or Her eye.

I pray to protect my loved ones and to help those who are struggling in silence because those are who need it most.

I believe everyone is blessed, some more than others, everyone has their own density and cannot rewrite their fate, however, we can learn from our mistakes and make up for our sins.

Sin is a harsh word. I use it because a sin (I believe to be) is where you intentionally inflict pain on another. I wouldn’t class as having sex before marriage a sin, or drinking alcohol as a sin, these are mere choices we choose to make and live with, but, if we purposely break someone’s heart, sabotage someone’s life or spread false words about others – these are sins.

I pray because I have faith that someone above us is watching. He watches or She watches me every day and judges my choices. I believe that He or She will protect me and help me in situations where no else can.

My relationship with God is personal, He knows me better than anyone else, He is the closest person I have apart from my parents. I open my heart to Him so much sometimes, I can’t help but lose composure when I pray in the temple. I sometimes begin to cry because I’m begging for His help, I’m asking Him to hear me out because no one but Him can help me. I may not understand why I never get everything I ask for, but I trust His teachings and His plan more than I trust my own.

So, if you feel like sometimes giving up on life, pray – pray because He’s gonna be there for you when no one else will be. I sound like a preacher but I’m writing this because I want you to know that He is real and I have experienced my prayers being heard and my wishes being granted… You just need to believe and pray hard.

I hope you have your wishes fulfilled and your prayers answered.

Nisha x


2 thoughts on “Pray.

  1. This wasn’t just beautifully written, it was beautifully felt. I love your passion and humbleness and admire your desire to draw closer to God. I can strongly relate.