My wardrobe essentials 

I’m quite an indecisive person, so if I can’t put together an outfit in the morning or if I feel uncomfortable, it will throw me off my whole day. I need to be able to have a wardrobe that is comfortable and chic simultaneously.

So if you were to go through my wardrobe, you’ll find the following …

1. Heeled ankle boots

I’m 5 ft 3 inches … I’m that awkward height in between short and tall depends on who I’m standing next to.

Ankle boots with a slightly thick heel will allow you to be both fashionable and comfortable. I wear up to 3 inches, no more than that.

When I wear heels I notice that I feel powerful and confident.

However, be careful to give your feet a break from heels because excessive heel-wearing can even cause changes in the toe joints, or cause degenerative arthritis in the middle of the foot.

2. Biker jackets

Wearing a biker jacket gives a bit of edge to your outfit as well as keeping you warm.

  • Brown/black leather/suede jackets look good with neutral clothing
  • A Burgundy leather jacket looks good with black clothing.

3. High waisted skinny jeans

A good pair of skinny jeans, especially black skinny jeans, will complement your figure by slimming down your legs. The “high waist” aspect of the jeans will give the illusion of your legs appearing longer.

When buying jeans switch it up, for distressed jeans or ribbed jeans instead of plain ones!

4. Plain t-shirts with a structure or loose-fitting.

So if you’re going for a simple wardrobe, go for the basic colours of; black, white, grey and neutral.

Plain t-shirts are a simple go to piece, it’s very cheap to buy and keep and in my opinion, you can go through white t-shirts like toilet paper.

5. Over sized jumpers with a high neck/turtle neck

For those days where you’re feeling under the weather, pair your jumper with skinny jeans and that’s an outfit in its self.

6. Over sized scarf/poncho

Throwing this on top of any t-shirt gives you extra warmth, adds layering and if your t-shirt is plain, get a patterned scarf to break up the outfit and to add texture.

Also, go for “colour blocking” instead of patterns when purchasing a poncho, it’s easier to pair with any outfit.

7. Accessories

Wearing simple and dainty jewellery is a great way to make any outfit look as if you took time pairing it together. Accessories, such as rings, layered necklaces, watches, earrings all add depth to the outfit and those small details are what stitch the outfit together without any hassle and won’t break the bank as much as buying new clothes does!

Hope you found this to be helpful!

Nisha x

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