My dream apartment …

I walked out of Ikea and decided imma have 3 kids, a breakfast bar, a fluffy dog and Sunday brunches with my future husband.

Everyone has their own dream home in mind and walking into Ikea today gave me so much inspiration how I would love to decorate my (dream) apartment.

So let’s get to the basics…

I would love to have either a studio apartment or a loft apartment.

So if you were standing in the middle of the kitchen, you would have the stove, the oven and the fridge in front of you, along with the sink to your left and the breakfast bar on the right. The sink area would face a wall. The flooring of the whole apartment would have chestnut wooden floor boards, purely because it’s easier to clean and cheaper.

The colour of the living room would be jasmine white and the windows will have white and silver patterned curtains.

Infront of the breakfast bar would be the living area. So imagine you’re walking down and you’re standing parallel, with your back facing to the breakfast bar – to your left would be a large bay window, to your right would be entrances to the bedrooms and bathroom and shower.

Between you and the breakfast bar would be a L-shape sofa which could also double up as a pull out bed and there would be a coffee table in the middle along with a white fluffy rug below the glass coffee table.

The L shape sofa would face another large bay window with a sliding door that would open to a balcony.

The balcony will consist of a small table. There will be small lanterns and fairy lights hanging below the table for those beautiful summer evenings. A small barbeque and bean bags for extra people to sit outside.

So far that’s what I’ve come up with, I’m still deciding… ahh so many ideas I could write all night but I think I should cap it here.

If you have any dream apartment ideas, please do share, I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Nisha x

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