If you’re moving into halls and you feel like you’re forgetting the basic in-your-face items – these items are probably what you’re missing!

1. Electric Heater or Electric Blanket

If you’re moving out of London for university you’ll be surprised at how cold it is. I’m not joking when I say it’s cold, it’s FREEZING. I don’t know why. So, I would recommend buying an electric heater or an electric blanket because some universities say you’re not allowed to have electric heaters in your room because they’re a fire hazard.

To be honest, I had an electric heater in my room all year and no one knew, so buy one and keep it at your own risk!

2. Extension leads or Extention plugs

You’re gonna maximum have 2 plug sockets in your room so I would recommend taking an extension lead with you because you’re gonna have to plug-in your laptop charger, phone charger, desk lamp, electric heater/blanket and so on so forth so definitely take this!

3. Kitchen Towel or Kitchen Paper

I cannot express how much of a necessity this is in the kitchen because instead of leaving plates to dry on the rack, you can quickly wipe down your washed plates and put them away, preventing anyone else from using your plates! Trust me it will happen.

To be honest, you could just take plastic cutlery and plastic plates – so much easier to use and throw away and you don’t have to wash them afterwards!

4. Head phones

If you’re one of those people who play music really loud in your room, you’re gonna disturb other people, then they’re gonna get annoyed and complain about you etc … so be considerate – wear head phones! If you don’t like the wires, invest in Bluetooth head phones.

5. Hand sanitizer and cleaning stuff!

You’re gonna shake a lot of hands when meeting new people at university and God knows what the hell they’ve been doing with their hands and fingers so to prevent the spread of freshers flu and other diseases, definitely have two bottles of hand sanitizer with you.

Also, when you move in, wipe down all the surfaces like your window sill, your desk, you’re bathroom and toilet! There will be so much dust and dirt it’s better to be ready to do a full clean of your room before settling in.

Some cleaning things I took were:

  • Glade Carpet and Room Powder, I got the shake and vacuum one!
  • Bleach (for the toilet)
  • Cleaning spray and cloth – desk
  • bleach wipes – bathroom floor
  • Bin bags

Hope you found this to be helpful & Good luck at university!

Nisha x

The big, beautiful sky changed to 50 shades of orange and red fading into a navy blue. The golden hues rained down on Earth as if Heaven itself opened the gates to welcome my broken soul. 

When I peer up into the Heavens above, I see the clouds sail together to put out the sunlight soon for darkness to spill across the sky like ink. I look at the sky and question if there was a war amongst the Gods. The streaks of red reminded me of how the Romans would slice open their enemies for blood to paint the sign of their victory. 

To think we’ll experience a different sunset every day reminds me that beauty will only last a few moments and is only admired by those who are patient or blessed to be on the right side of Earth, as a sunset will not wait nor change for no one, it will continue to be beautiful regardless if no one is watching and that’s how I aspire to be. Unique, beautiful and unbothered. 




Hope you enjoyed this!

Nisha x

So the month is coming to an end and I’ve accumulated a lot of random gems this past month, so I’ll try and keep it quick and short.

1. Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens (£209)

Purchasing this made my bank account go a little black and blue but oh my gosh … the photos look so beautiful! I use a Canon M10 and this lens creates beautiful close-up images and blurs the background – it’s honestly the best! I’ve used this lens when taking close ups of my makeup on my other posts.



2.  NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – Vintage, Club Hopper & Cherry Skies (£7 each)

I cannot wait until we fall into the deeper autumn months to wear these cream lipsticks. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone when purchasing Club Hopper because I was hunting for a brown lipstick that would suit my skin tone, so initially, I went for a brown with a red undertone. Club Hopper is a beautiful colour when I wear this I swear I feel so dark and mysterious … borderline sexy! haha. Vintage is a plum colour with a mauve undertone and this is something I picked up with Club Hopper purely because I was unsure if I could like Club Hopper but I love both of them!

Cherry skies is a deep wine red. I have so many red lipsticks and I keep buying the same colours but I justify buying the same colours because they have different textures – matte, sheer, cream and so on. I know … it’s not a good enough reason (judge me all you like I don’t care!)



3. My yellow nails!

I’ve been so unsure to paint my nails yellow because it’s such a vibrant colour and waaay out of my comfort zone, but I suck it up and was brave enough to try it and I LOVE THEM – but I don’t think I’m gonna paint them yellow again, I prefer reds, pinks, blues and dark greens.


4. Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner – Matte

I had a love hate relationship with this eyeliner – I first hated the brush because I wasn’t used to it but after a while, I came to grips with it and I really like it. I like the matte finish, it lasts all day and I’ve used this all month long ^-^

5. My new puppy! – Meet Rocky!

Rocky is an American staff, he’s really cute and playful and I love him! haha



Hope you liked this!

Nisha x

This week has been a really rough week for me. I’m trying to figure out what I’m feeling and I’m trying to compose my crazy eccentric emotions to a more tranquil rhythm. There are a number of reasons for why I’m feeling like this some are more obvious than others but even through these crazy times, I’ve come to appreciate my time with my family, my friends and most of all … with myself.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually put myself first for once to do what I want to do without thinking about other people. I don’t need to explain why I do certain things I just do them because I want to. If it doesn’t involve you in any shape or form, don’t pop up to me asking “why did I do this?” or “why did I do that?” – Because I fucking wanted to! Gosh! You know what? I don’t want to have a phone call with you because there’s nothing to fucking talk about, like, ffs, mind your own fucking business.

I don’t like breaking relationships of any kind. I like to be civil with people, but if you notice changes in me that may have nothing to do with you, it’s all me. I just act the way I want, I have no external influences. Sometimes I just go rogue. That’s just how I am. I’m selectively social with people and I have tried being a social butterfly but I don’t have enough friends to be one because again, I’m picky with who I hang out with purely because 97.8% of the time I may find people annoying because they either can’t keep a conversation, love to gossip, attract or create drama. Meh. Sorry, not sorry. I have a low tolerance for bullshit.

So no, I’m not gonna call you, no I’m not gonna write out a few paragraphs and no I’m not gonna wait up. Right now. I’m gonna sleep because I’m tired and because I want to fucking sleep.

Nisha x

I could have another night where I let you consume my thoughts or I could just say to myself, fuck off.

I’m not going to let your existence bother me. If you cared about me you would check up on me. So tonight and from this night forward, I’m going to put the phone beside me and I’m going to leave it there, why? Because with or without you in my life I’m still going to have to move forward in life because time stops for no one. I can’t dwell on the past and I’m not going to hold onto you. 

Someone will replace you. This hole in my heart will close and all wounds will heal eventually. 

You put me together and you broke me into pieces. 

I don’t need your help to put me back together. I’m going to slowly piece myself together and I know I’ll cut myself picking up broken pieces and I will be in pain but I’d rather do it myself than you. 

You broke my heart but you didn’t break my soul. I didn’t give up on myself nor did I feel the need to have your validation to carry on being happy. 

You should be privileged to have me in your life because of all the girls you’ve come to know I’m the only one who’s a lady with a mouth. I’ll throw my words with no sugar coating knowing they’ll cut deeper into people than a knife ever would. 

I know my worth. I fuck my man, my man doesn’t fuck me. I’m a jewel that deserves to be placed on a crown. I’m a lady that any man would be proud to have on their arm and in his bed. 

My mother didn’t raise no weak ass bitch and she took nine months to form my heart, so you darling are not going to be able to destroy it in one night. 

Send my love and condolences to your unfortunate future lover. 

I would say have a nice life but I don’t think there will be anything nicer after me. 



A little excerpt for any of the beautiful ladies out there with a heartbreak or are crying over an ex, or a fuck boy – keep your chin up because we don’t want that crown to fall. Slay my sista! ~

Nisha x