I’m human too.

I understand that everyone around me has problems. Problems with their relationships, with money, at work. but just because someone else’s situation is a lot worse than mine doesn’t diminish or determine if my situation is unworthy of being bad.

A problem is a problem.

I’m human too. I like to vent out my issues instead of bottling them up inside of me. I cry. I’m emotional. My heart is not made of stone and it brings me to tears when people, such as my parents, tell to just “stop talking” or “your situation is not an actual problem” and “don’t think too much”. How can you brush me off? How can you not hear my side? Am I not human?

It’s why I have such a huge barrier when it comes to me being able to express my feelings. It throws me off. Do you actually care? Or are you just nosey? Why do you care about how I feel. It feels foreign to me – being able to openly talk about my feelings.

“You okay?” – These words… it’s like turning on a tap inside of me and the rushing water is the flow of words out of my mouth and the tears running down my face.

Hearing the words; “women’s situations are not as bad compared to a man’s situation”, makes my blood boil. When did gender determine the importance of a situation?

I’m not in the wrong. You cannot shut me up with violence nor can you shut me down with my gender. My vagina didn’t come with terms and conditions.

I’m a woman – More importantly, I’m human too.


Goddess Kali is a powerful image of a woman in protest. She encompasses empathy and anger in the same breath, love and protest in another. There is a Kali in every woman, she is never dormant, she exists, she is all powerful, we just never connect with that part of us. The theme being ‘women in protest’, we chose to draw The Goddess Kali in every woman. – Kalyani Ganapathy

This post won’t make much sense, however, it’s a personal one – something I thought I’d like to share. I hope you liked it!

Maybe you can relate?

Nisha x