Advice to my younger self

There is so much advice for kids these days but not so much for us struggling not-quite-yet-adults. So, this a post dedicated to those who grew up too fast, those who had to work harder than others and for those who experienced pain and loss first. 


Hey Nisha,

Somewhere in future, through the power of technology and parallel universes, I’m writing to give you some friendly guidance. You’re probably gonna receive this in a time where you feel lost, out of place and unsure if what you are feeling is right or wrong, which is totally normal for the time period you’re in.

You’ve probably started blogging on Blogspot by now and exploring other social media websites, like Tumblr. Continue practising your blogging skills, but maybe change your Tumblr URL because “sugaar-doll” is going to linger around you for a reaaally long time.

Don’t compare yourself. Likes and followers mean nothing.  – you may come across this phrase often; “comparison is the thief of joy”, by looking at what other people are doing is only going to bring you down, so put all that time and energy into yourself and don’t look back.“Luck favours those who work hard”.

Which takes me on to my next point, you won’t please everyone, so stop trying, I understand you want to fit in and you want a large group of friends but at the end of the day, the only person you should be pleasing is yourself.

You are young and it’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out because you actually may never have everything figured out, so stop trying to plan your life so much and try to take every day as a new opportunity to learn and develop as a person.

DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY. It will strip the moisture from your hair, causing it to be dry and damaged!

Take care of yourself –  drink a lot of water, go to the gym, cut back on the coffee and try not to eat so late.

Take off your makeup properly before bed and have a skin care routine. Wear face masks, use serums, they are all going to help your skin. BUT, don’t exfoliate your face using a scrub every day, it will dry out your skin and it’s important to always moisturise.

Go for a simple wardrobe. Don’t follow trends because the majority of the time, you’ll probably never wear it more than once. Wear what you want and what you’re confident in.

Avoid bullshit – don’t surround yourself with drama and negative people, trust me, the people you surround your self with will have a massive effect on the energy around you, plus, some people will naturally be unhappy people and there’s not much you can do. So, surround yourself with happy and positive people, who encourage you and respect you and in return, you’ll feel happy.

It’s okay to be “single”. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. The the most important relationship you’ll have in your life is the relationship you have with your self, so have a good understanding of what makes you happy and what you like and don’t like, and if you can appreciate being happy by your self, it will only benefit you in your future relationships.

Your heart break is not going to last forever, you’re going to meet someone, very soon, but “wear your heart on your sleeve”. Oh, and don’t cry over boys and don’t force them to stay either. If they leave, they’ll come back the same time you move on.

So, Nisha, where ever you are in your life, don’t dwell on the past, you have so much more to experience in the coming years. There will be times where you feel life is going against you, but you’re a strong person and you’ll make it through!

So, hang in there, you’re doing great, I’ll see you soon sometime in the future.

Nisha x

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