Review: ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re a beginner at makeup when you take a look at this palette, your first instinct is probably to pass this up and maybe go for a palette of more muted colours, with tonnes of soft nudes and various tones of browns. However, the ABH Modern Renaissance palette is very versatile and has a beautiful range of warm shades that are flattering for every eye colour. I love how there are a tonne of everyday neutrals, along with a handful of fun colours that are still incredibly wearable & on trend.

The colours are highly pigmented! However, there is a bit of fall out when picking up the eye shadow on your brush, so do make sure to tap off any excess – but if this bothers you, you may be slightly annoyed by the consistency and texture of the shadows. Overall, the shadows are easy to work and feel so velvety and smooth.

In the palette there are 14 shades; 11 are matte and 3 are shimmer.

  • Tempera – A matte cream beige.
  • Golden Ochre – Earthy yellow with a matte finish.
  • Vemeer – An iridescent powder pink.
  • Buon Fresco – A matte lilac.
  • Antique Bronze – A burgundy toned chocolate brown with a cranberry shimmer.
  • Love Letter – A vivid raspberry with a matte finish.
  • Cyprus Umber – An intense matte finish chocolate brown.
  • Realgar – An intense burnt orange with a matte finish.
  • Warm Taupe – A soft caramel toned grey with a matte finish.
  • Venetian Red – A rich cranberry with a matte finish with a hint of shimmer.
  • Red Ochre – A deep brick red with a matte finish.
  • Primavera – A champagne shimmer.
  • Burnt Orange – A matte finish warm orange.
  • Raw Sienna – A sand brown with a matte finish.

Some of the combos I have worn are:

  • Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna in the crease, Antique Bronze on the lid and Primavera in the inner corner
  • Golden ochre and Raw Sienna in the crease & Primavera on the lid

The only thing I don’t like about this palette is the packaging – it’s so prone to easily getting dirty because of the suede coated exterior, it can pick up dust or makeup from other products, which is really annoying!

As you can see from the images, I’ve taken quite a stab at them and I’ve used this palette on multiple occasions, from dinner days to days out. It was gifted to me, however, I know the price of this palette is Β£42, which is expensive, however, when calculated, each shade is Β£3, which seems reasonable for the quality of each shade. Also, the palette comes with a free double-ended brush, surprisingly, for once, is not a piece of crap and is actually usable with the palette. I ended up using the brush more often than I thought I would, haha.


  • Great variety of shades with everyday neutrals and wearable pops of colours
  • Very on trend
  • Flattering for every eye colour
  • Great pigmentation
  • Easy to blend
  • Not limited edition


  • Packaging gets very dirty
  • There is fall out

Hope you found this helpful!

Nisha x

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12 thoughts on “Review: ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Oh, these colours are gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Makes me want to go out and buy more makeup; and actually take more than 10-15 minutes in the morning getting ready for work instead of, you know, rushing about. πŸ˜…πŸŒΈ

    1. Ahh its okay, I’ll probably do a blog post about my make up – Oh my, samee 😭 I take at least half an hour doing my make up πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

      1. I’m sure that’ll be an awesome blog post! 😌 I think most days I go for minimalist and as a result I don’t do anything crazy different except fun eyeshadow and the occasional bright eyeliner. Half hour isn’t too bad! If I did more thoroughness instead of basics, that’s probs where I’d be, too. 😎

      2. I’ll do any everyday look & how to vamp it up & a separate night time look 😌 just for you πŸ’›β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—