Let’s talk about books …

yI6izFNAEuYI have this awful habit of buying books and stacking them as if they’re collectables. I’m still very excited about books but I recently don’t have any motivation or concentration to read them like I used to.

So here’s to the books I’ve been meaning to read all these years, I’ve dedicated a little post about you to prove I haven’t forgotten about your existence

  1. A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami – (I read this half way and I lost the book travelling back and forth from London and Kent). Murakami is my favourite author! I love his work and out of all of his novels, my favourite is Norwegian Wood, I would highly recommend reading this.
  2. Chameleon on a Kaleidoscope – Anonymous – I really enjoyed Diary of an Oxygen thief, I loved this novel so much, it’s based off a young man’s experience with love and how he met his match.
  3.  The sun and her flowers – Rupi Kaur – This is her second anthology, I adored her first collection – Milk and Honey, I loved how she structured her novel and spoke about her life experiences in the form of poems and touched upon topics that aren’t spoken about often.
  4. Six Four – Hideo Yokoyama – A crime thriller. A book I have yet to purchase. I’m currently mid way through The Silence of the Lambs.

I’m pretty sure the list is a lot longer, but these are a few that are currently on the top of my head.

Nisha x

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about books …

  1. I’ve heard so much about Rupi Kaur’s first anthology of poems. Haven’t got my hands on it yet. Didn’t know she has another book out.

    I hope you get on track, soon.
    Happy reading 🙂

  2. Haha, I have the same problems with books! I can’t stop myself from buying them, although I know they won’t get read for quite a while… :/ Welcome to the blogging world! 🙂