Korean Restaurant: Kimchee

So, recently I went to Kimchee to celebrate one of my friend’s 20th birthday. Kimchee is a Korean restaurant and is one of the very few restaurants in London that have reasonable prices, which I find to be great if you’re going out on a budget. I believe at most, everyone spent an average of £17, which included alcoholic drinks. Also, Kimchee is suitable for vegans as well as omnivores. I know this because the birthday girl was vegan and when I saw tofu on the menu, I did let a small sigh of relief.

The restaurant itself is very large and beautiful, the ground floor has a cute Japanese styled garden along with dark wood tables and chairs, sleek lines and stunning lighting -it also has a private bar. I really liked the relaxed environment, the service is prompt and the staff aren’t pushy either so it’s perfect to come by yourself, with a date or to go as a group.

The food was delicious! I’ve had Chinese and Thai at various places but Korean cuisine is very different compared to the rest. They serve a range foods marinated in their own authentic flavours. I specifically enjoyed the scallops and the chicken bibimbap.

There’s not much else to say apart from – if you haven’t had Korean food before and you’re looking for a place to go – this is the place you need to go!

Please do leave a comment if you’ve tried any other restaurants – I would love to try out something new ^-^

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