Being 20 years old …

How do you describe being 20 years old? That awkward age between 19 and 21 … The starting of a new decade.

I don’t know where to begin how different everything is at the age of 20. You’ll have some people that are parents, some may be in full-time jobs and there will be people such as I who are still trying to change their curfew from 9 pm to 11 pm. Even though this is so obvious, it’s an accurate representation of what it’s like to be 20.

I swear I have moments where being 20. Just saying 20 will make me feel sad. no more … eighteen.. nineteen.. no more “teen”.. I’m just 20. Am I the only one to feel like this?

Growing up, I’ve noticed that my friendship group has shrunk significantly. Shit happens. People grow apart, it’s natural. We all get sucked into our lives and thrown into this never ending abyss called the “adult life” where you’ll wake up one Saturday morning at 7:30 am and contemplate – sacrifice sleep and not be broke or sleep and be broke. sigh.

Oh, another thing – I miss how simple social media was. I feel like people are slowly losing touch with reality as their viewing people through their screens, posting the best picture of yourself onto this internet platform and soon becoming obsessed with your feed, it’s happened to all of us. So, sometimes a social media detox will be needed. The internet can be overwhelming at times. Your mental health is important.

You’ll also notice that your fast metabolism will be slowing down. I’ve noticed how health conscious I’ve become – working out a couple times a week, picking strawberries over biscuits. Learning to have one cookie and not one packet. Sometimes you’ll binge but it’s okay. We’re human. We have those days. But if it’s every day, seek help. Oh, by the way, detox teas are fake.

Also, you’ll want to be more aware of what government party you want to support. Your vote counts, don’t let anyone else make you believe differently.

Lastly, love yourself, work hard, read, drink water, sleep well and don’t cry over boys.

I could go on, but I have work tomorrow.

Good night,
Nisha x


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